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Our Story

A visit to a factory or workroom changes you – you'll never see that product the same way again. That's what happened to our founder Frank when he all-but moved in to a client's LA furniture factory while helping that company get online.

Hear Frank and Heather discuss the origins of Buildlane on the Business of Home podcast.

What he witnessed — skilled workers practicing an age-old craft and designers, downright obsessed with delivering exceptional-quality custom furniture to their clients — was obscured with inefficiency and frustration.

Frank set to work on rectifying the situation, devising a way to let factories focus on craftsmanship and to give designers the peace of mind that their furniture orders were being executed on time and with care. It just so happened that Frank is a full-stack developer, so, that helped. But Buildlane wasn't designed as just a tool, it's a team. Indeed the technology is amazing, but it's the craftsmen, shop artists, project managers, shipping pros and boundlessly creative designers that really fuel it.

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