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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

All orders begin with a quote request. Once you have received a quote from your account manager and you are ready to proceed you simply need to tell them so. Many designers also like to send us a purchase order for their record keeping. Either way we will send you an invoice and payment link. Once the deposit is placed production begins.

Do you have previous examples of your work?

We sure do. Just reach out and ask and we will send you whatever we have recently made. If you’re looking for examples of something specific, please let us know.

What happens once my order is in production?

First, your account manager will make sure we have all the necessary materials and information to complete your order. This includes everything from making sure the fabric is what was ordered to sending you finish samples for approval. Most of this is done concurrently as production is taking place.

Often, throughout production your account manager will send you photos and updates of the progress. Maybe a certain section didn't specify what stitch to use, we'll get you some example photos to make sure we make what you want.

Once production is complete we will send you a dozen or so hi-resolution photos of every angle and detail of your piece so you can be sure everything was completed correctly and the quality is top notch.

Do you have a catalog of your furniture?

We don't have a catalog. We accept any and all forms of quote requests including photos, drawings, and web links. Our catalog can be your Pinterest board or an image floating around inside your head.

Who can I talk to for more information?

You can reach us at If you are a designer or firm you will receive an account manager right away to answer any of your questions and get you set up to start requesting quotes.

Can you give me a rough idea of your pricing?

We could send you examples of recent work and let you know what we charged.

An even easier and more personalized way to see our pricing is to ask for a quote. Even on something that you’ve already had produced. Quotes are easy enough for us to generate and will give you an exact idea of our pricing on the type of piece you would be utilizing in your projects.

What category does Buildlane fit into?

We operate somewhere between the world of fulfillment and account management. To briefly describe our service a designer asks us to make something, tells us where to send it, and when to have it there and we make sure that these requests are followed through to perfection.

Our company was started when we realized that when it came to manufacturers making furniture for designers there was a big disconnect between the two parties. We knew we could create an error-free process and make everything more efficient and much easier for both sides.

What is your lead time?

Our typical lead time is 8 weeks.

Making such a wide variety of furniture our production times can vary though (at times up to 12 weeks). Sometimes a piece with lots of mixed materials can take a bit of time, but we've also been able to build out large projects in two weeks when it was requested of us.

When requesting a quote letting us know the install date and location lets us put a timeline together for your project. If a deadline is impossible to meet we will let you know and help work on solutions.

Can you meet my install date?

We haven't missed one yet.

We understand that deadlines are important and an install date is the culmination of months of planning. We keep a close eye on your schedule from the day we get a quote to the day everything is delivered. In addition, our freight partners work exclusively in furniture and are no strangers to the tight schedules of an interior design project.

What level of quality is your furniture?

We produce only designer grade quality furniture.

The materials used in each piece can vary depending on the project. A commercial project will often have different requirements than a residential one, neither set of materials inferior, just for a different purpose.

But every project we work on we only use the best quality materials with a designer audience in mind.

Where is your furniture made?

We have a small network of furniture factories in the heart of the custom furniture world, South Los Angeles.

We did an exhaustive search to find the best manufacturers making custom furniture to ensure the quality, accuracy, and efficiency were all up to our high standards. We consider these factories our partners and spend time daily with them ensuring that quality is consistent and timelines are being met.

What type of building material do you use in your furniture?

All of our furniture is produced to the high expectations of interior designers. All of our shops carry the complete range of building material and there isn’t a construction request that we can’t accommodate.

For upholstery, we will often make recommendations for construction based on the design of the piece we are quoting. For a particularly bulky tight seat/tight back sofa we might suggest a particular density of foam and what percent to use to achieve that shape and the comfort level requested. For a classic sofa our base configuration is an alder frame, high density foam with feather/down fill, and s springs. We can definitely give comparison quotes for things like 8 way hand tied, cushion coil springs, etc. We love to hear what you are looking to achieve and talking you through the best way to do it, from stitching to the number on the foam density!

For casegoods, we will offer our suggestions for the best wood species for your project and often give comparison quotes for using different wood species.

Can I specify particular building materials I require?

Absolutely. Many of our designers are looking to replicate something they saw and which we are experts at knowing what building materials different pieces are made from. But we also have many designers who like the look of a piece but want to make it their own.

If not specified we do have a standard, designer grade material set for our upholstery. But if you know specific building materials or techniques you'd prefer such as 8-way Hand Tied, Coil Springs, 100% Alder Frame, etc just let us know and we'll be sure to make that a part of our quote.

Do you have eco-friendly or chemical-free options?

We do offer both eco-friendly and chemical-free options.

For additional costs we are able to use wood sourced from eco-friendly forests and use eco-friendly and/or chemical-free construction materials. Please be sure to indicate your requirement for this when requesting a quote.

What types of furniture do you specialize in?

We produce both upholstery and casegoods.

We are no stranger to projects involving metal, fur, glass, acrylic, etc.

Do you work with metal?

Yes! We're well equipped to handle metal requests which include all types of fabrication; bending, punching, welding, forming, polishing, powder coating and patina finishes.

Do you specialize in residential, hospitality or commercial?

Many of the designers we work with are cross-discipline. We are just as comfortable working on a single sofa for a home or a 100 piece order for a hotel or restaurant. A designer will usually explain the project from the outset which gives us a chance to recommend specific building materials to fit the type of project.

Do you make accessories like rugs or lighting?

We do not. Unless by lighting you mean LED lights on the underside of a table edge, which we can definitely do.

Fabric / Leather / Materials
Can I supply my own fabric/leather/hardware/whatever?


Most of our designers have their own favorite material shops and do Customer’s Own Material for their pieces. With every quote we will list yardage or square feet depending on the material. If you know you’ll be using a patterned fabric or any other detail that would affect this quote let us know so we can get you accurate numbers.

We also work with half a dozen fabric houses based in Los Angeles. If a designer is ever looking for a change or trying to squeeze something in a tight budget we’re happy to reach out to our contacts and see how they can help.

Can you treat my fabric with stain guard?

We have a local company that we work with that can spray a stain guard material on your upholstery pieces after they are completed. It is non-toxic and only takes an hour to dry.

How do I choose the finish on my wood pieces or sofa legs?

We have a few options for getting that perfect finish on your wood pieces:

  • Send us a sample to match. We will reproduce your sample and send it back to you for approval.
  • Match a photo. We can also match to a photo you send us. We will usually make a few versions and you can choose which one you like best.
  • Ask for our standard sample set. Particularly for upholstery pieces we can send you our standard finishes and you can choose from those.

Many of our designers request a particular finish to match but a different wood species for their project, which creates quite the fun matching process! Whatever you are looking for in the final look of your casegoods it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Is delivery included?

Delivery is not included. The majority of our designers have receiving warehouses near the install site and we work with our freight partners to find them inexpensive prices to ship from LA to their warehouse. Our freight partners also have white glove services but it is often much less expensive to find a local company you can work with regularly and let our freight partners take care of the long haul portion.

We do, however, manage as much of the shipping process as possible. Our designers won’t find themselves filling out paperwork. Just let us know where the pieces need to go and we’ll take care of the details.

Designers are of course welcome to use their own shipping solutions and we will help facilitate anything they need.

Where can you ship?

Our shipping partners currently can only help facilitate a delivery within the United States. However, most international projects all begin their voyage at a receiving warehouse in the US and we'd be happy to help get the pieces there. We are also aware that international shipments often require crating which we can facilitate as well.


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