Our CEO and COO, Frank Eybsen and Heather Zeilman, recently joined Dennis Scully on the Business of Home podcast to talk about the origins of BuildLane and our mission to make the custom furniture process easy, both for interior designers and the factories they work with. Read More

Lockdown has been lifted for manufacturing and BuildLane is back at full capacity. Read More

You had questions, Jeanne had (really good) answers! What to know going in? As the designer, you are responsible for all of the expenses. From furnishings to installation - all of it. It is a huge time commitment. From application to installation, you have about five months at the most. If you choose to do a room with plumbing, keep in mind this will be a big, additional expense. Read More

Make sure you have really good SEO set up. If you don’t know what it is, and/or how to do it internally, contract it out. It won’t take a lot of your time, and it’s a great way to start improving your Google ranking while things are quiet. You want potential clients to be able to easily find you once things pick back up again! Read More

LA County’s Safer At Home guidelines have required factories pause production until the currently scheduled date of April 19th. In the meantime, we are continuing to offer complimentary 3D Renderings on orders, as well as shop drawings with quotes. All orders will go into our production queue as they are received, and will be positioned to kick off once the order is lifted. Read More

During this time, we remain committed to leading with integrity, being transparent, and sharing updates as we have them. Below are the ways we’re still serving you. Read on for the details in terms of the Safer At Home clause in effect until April 19th. Read More

To begin, I don’t mean for this blog post to feel like an attack on any single company. There are many startups pursuing the idea that interior designers can be replaced by technology (and many of them are going out of business, too). I mean for this article to explore the idea of ‘trickle down client revenue’ or the idea that e-design startups are just targeting the low end of the market, preparing them for their eventual graduation to spending money on traditional interior design. Much like when Uber launched and told all the cab drivers that they were just warming up passengers to the idea of being driven around. Read More

BuildLane sits at the crossroads of three industries: interior design, tech, and manufacturing. I keep my finger on the pulse of other companies sharing that same intersection. Our founding principal has always been to elevate the interior designer, and in following that path I often think about the other startup companies going the opposite route of “cheapening” the designer craft. Everyone in Silicon Valley right now is looking for the next industry to Uber-fy. Is interior design the next target for the gig economy? And how have recent attempts to disrupt the industry been going? Read More

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